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  Our eXperience says

"Marriages may be made in heaven but one has to work really hard to make them a success on earth"

Re-marriage.com's research has concluded that the success of Indian re-marriages depends on seven Cs: Chemistry, Compatibility, Community, Commitment, Communication, Compassion and Compromise.

Chemistry : Intangible and indefinable combination of physical and behavioral traits that makes two people like each other.
Compatibility : Set of common interests, values, priorities and goals that make two people to have a powerful shared context we call it the Mind Compatibility.
Community : Family, relatives and friends who together provide a nurturing and supportive environment for a couple to hold together.
Commitment : Commitment that implies strong dedication and devotion to each other in making the relationship work.
Communication : An effort to express feelings and share experiences with each other.
Compassion : A human quality that becomes all the more important for developing a successful relationship.
Compromise : Should create win/win situations and work together in a relationship. Mutual decisions can be reached by honestly trying to see both sides of an issue. Sharing one another's needs, thoughts, and concerns can help alleviate resentment and feelings of being threatened.
Absence of any of the above - chemistry, compatibility, community, commitment, communication, compassion and compromise- poses a strain on the marriage. Couples who enjoy no personal chemistry or have lost it over time…couples who don't have shared interests or values…couples who are isolated from the rest of the family and community…couples who are not capable of coming to a decision, and making a commitment...couples who lack in communication...couples who are not compassionate about eachother...couples who dont compromise & cooperate...all reported high levels of discord and dissatisfaction.
Most of the marriages fail because two people are mismatched in many ways. Being mismatched causes each of you feel the other is not good.
While arranged marriages tend to score high on ensuring community, love marriages do well on the chemistry dimension. Interestingly, both arranged and love marriages tend to fail along the dimension of compatibility. Arranged marriages don't afford sufficient time or opportunity; couples in love are generally not inclined to determine compatibility or tend to brush aside signs of incompatibility which causes major problems later.
"Lack of communication is another primary reason marriages fail. Couples have to learn to talk and listen to one another effectively" The other three most important elements a person should value in a relationship is - trust, love and respect and should have a LOU -Level of Understanding.
Marriages based on compassion are bound to prosper. "Compassion is more positive and dynamic. You desire the other to be happy, to prosper, to experience God's very best." When compassion is strong, you find yourself naturally desiring what is best for the other person. You're not threatened by the thought of their success--indeed, you rejoice in it.
A commitment is different than a promise. We may view promises as obligations to others. A commitment, however, is a pact with oneself. It requires planning and work in order to follow through and to keep to the commitment. The commitments we hold, plan for, and follow through with shape our lives.
Commitment in marriage requires us to accept the principle that once we are married, ending the marriage cannot be considered as a solution to the problems in our relationship. Marriage is a gift from God. If you have been given the gift, We encourage you to take care of it.
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