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  Our Mission

With the core team of professionals from diverse backgrounds. "We are committed to accomplishing our mission of connecting you to your soul mate". Re-marriage.com plans to enroll each and every "widow/widower, divorcee & aged person" as our member.

To achieve this we are creating a database of 'real people with real pictures', along with we have fully devoted to the task and find pleasure in the effort to achieve a grain of success. Our main objectives are Strict Profile Screening, Powerful, Proprietary Compatibility Matching, Assured confidentiality of your personal information and Provide Personalized courteous service to VIP's. Our aim is also to spread re-marriage pOint branches all over India and worldwide.

Our Goals Are :
Minimize the time, effort and pain to find a suitable life partner.
Maximize chances of success by providing relevant up to date public information about individuals. Maintain highest level of accuracy of information about each member.
Maximize the chances of number of successful alliances and marriages through our service.
Provide highly secure service, maintain member information completely confidential.
Offer complete re-marriage matrimonial solutions to Indian community and globally.

Last but not least, it adds a touch of emotion in every proposal we deal in. We feel blessed even if we put one step ahead.

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