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  Re-marriage GUIDE 
Nine tips that can change your life
Tip 1: Write a good profile
Tip 2: Add your Family Details
Tip 3: Add your Hobbies and Interests
Tip 4: Creating a partner profile
Tip 5: Upload a photograph
Tip 6: Search for your Life Partner at Re-marriage.com
Tip 7: Contact members
Tip 8: Join our Paid Memberships
Tip 9: Login Regularly
1. Write a good profile
Writing a good profile is all about expressing yourself, your expectations from your partner and your likes and dislikes. Make sure your profile is correct and your description is accurate and sounds genuine, sincere and interesting, dont include your contact information like (e-mail, address, phone number, website URLs etc,) false/misleading data, or abusive/obscene material. Incase if you do your profile will be rejected and please don't copy another profile's description (Be original and truthful). Ensure that you follow the terms and conditions of Re-marriage.com.
Registering a profile is fast, easy and FREE!
Search profiles and Express interest to Gold & Platinum members for FREE!
Display your contact details to Paid Members so they can call you directly.
Respond to chat invitations and chat with paid members on Re-marriage.com Messenger.
You can accept, decline or cancel proposals received.
You can recieve and reply to unlimited email messages.
Register Now - its fast, easy and lets you connect with members in minutes!
Modify your profile - you can click on "Edit My Profile" at any time to change it.
2. Add your Family Details

Marriage is more than meeting of two minds. It is about emotions, family and loved ones. Adding your family details will help your prospective partner understand and get a better insight about your family.

Please Cover the following points:
Your family's status Middle Class, Upper Middle Class, Rich / Affluent.
Your family's outlook and approach towards life (e.g. brod-minded, conservative, religious, social, reserved).
Number of members in your family.
Whether you live in a joint / nuclear family.
Do you have children? If yes what are each of them doing?
What do your siblings do and in which city they stay?
Write about your ancestral / family origin?
Write about others in your extended family?
What are your family values?
Your family's expectations from you, and your prospective partner.
Adding your family details will help both the families understand each other better.
Add your Family Details - Click Here.
3. Add your Hobbies and Interests

Describe about your personality by adding your Hobbies and Interests, so that people can know you better.

All visitors viewing your profile will also be able to view your hobbies, interests, etc.
The idea is to give your prospective partner a peek into your world.
Add your Hobbies and Interests - Click Here.
4. Creating a partner profile
Let visitors to your profile know about your expectations from your partner. Creating your partner profile takes only 5 minutes and saves your endless hours of searching.
Its FREE! and all visitors viewing your profile will also be able to view your partner profile.
Adding the partner profile will activate the "Members I am looking for" a one click search option which will show profiles of Members who match your Partner requirements.
Adding partner profile also helps you use Re-marriage eMatch (two way matchmaking) service to provide you with matches of people who meet your partner profile and whose partner profile you meet.
Setting partner profile also enables "Match Alert", which automatically sends new matching profiles to your mailbox.
You can set Filters based on your Partner Profile which allows only members who match your partner preferences to express interest in you.
We strongly recommend you to create your partner profile to get the above benefits.
Try not to be too strict with your partner requirements. For example, you may be hard pressed to find an Indian Hindu Punjabi divorcee living in Alaska. So, keep your search criteria broad.
Prioritize your requirements and select those first. (E.g.: I cannot compromise on Education, Religion and he/she having kids, but I don't mind if he/she is an inch shorter than I expected). So choose your Education, Religion/Caste and issueless preference as you want, but leave out the height criteria.
You may have to edit your partner profile a few times before you get it perfect.
Modify your partner profile - you can click on "Edit Partner Profile" at any time to
change it.
5. Upload a photograph
You can add upto 3 photographs to your profile, and it is mandatory to upload atleast one photograph to get your profile activated on Re-marriage.com.
Your photos are secure at Re-marriage.com, they are watermarked, coded and near 100% tamper proof. Viewers cannot simply copy or download your photos.
You will be featured in the Re-marriage.com Members Photo Club which is the most popular section on the site. Photo Club lets you search by displaying member photos only.
If you don't have a scanned or digital photo of yourself don't worry. You can mail us a copy of your photograph and we will scan it, optimise it, upload it and attach it to your profile.
Please ensure that none of your photos are obscene or irrelevant. If such is the case, we may deactivate your membership. Try to make sure that the photograph is clear and recent.
Professionally clicked photos and those taken in natural surroundings are best.
You should be alone in the Main photo. Also, it should be close-up of your front profile. Your Album photos may feature you with your family / friends, make sure you identify yourself clearly.
Upload your photograph - Click Here.
6. Search for your Life Partner at Re-marriage.com
To increase your chances of finding a life partner we recommend you to get familiar with the various search options available and start using it. To short list your potential partner, use the Smart Search intelligently. You may be paticular about essential criteria like (age, marital status, religion, etc); but keep the non-essential criteria broad and flexible. You can always narrow down your choice subsequently.
You will have a larger number of members in your results giving you more options.
Since profiles are updated continually and as new member profiles adds daily, you can visit and search the site often.
You can also update your partner profile while using Smart Search.
Search for your Life Partner - Click Here.
7. Contact members
Contacting Re-marriage.com members is Safe, Secure, and Confidential. Be proactive. If you want to meet your soul mate YOU have to SEARCH and SEEK and contact members. Statistics show that members who initiate contacts find their partner almost 5 times faster than those who wait to receive contacts.
You can express interest; and write personalized messages to only those people who meet your requirements.

You can get to know people by Initiating and responding to chats using Re-marriage.com Messenger

You can view contact details of other members and display your contact details, you will receive calls or you can call members directly and take matters forward.
Make sure you shape up your complete profile, partner profile and upload recent photo to get maximum positive responses.
Be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. When you are in contact with another member, please be aware that you are unlikely to agree on everything. Everyone has his or her own opinions. Please respect these.
Do not be discouraged if you don't receive a reply or get negative replies. People have various reasons for not responding. Simply move on.
Its important to check the partner profile posted by the member before expressing interest.
Search and express interest in members - Click Here.
8. Join our Paid Memberships
CONTACT AND BE CONTACTED, Its's simple and affordable take a Paid Membership. 70% of members who found their life partner on our site were paid members? Which means they took advantage of all our paid features making the best use of each one of them.
Paid members have an advantage over free members. While free members have to wait to be contacted, Paid members have the power to start a conversation and write personal email messages to any profile they are interested in.

A Paid membership allows you to know people faster, better, and more easier.

All visitors will know that you are serious about finding an appropriate match because you are a Paid member.
Paid membership increases your chances of success.
You will be able to communicate with only those members who have 'accepted' you.
Join paid membership now - Click Here.
9. Login Regularly
Login regularly to make the best use of your Re-marriage.com membership. Be active and get more responses.
Your profile will appear at the top of searches made by other members.

You are also shown in the 'Who Is Online' section. So, more members see your profile and express interest in you.

You can check interests and emails received from members and respond to them.
Get connected to new members who join daily and your special someone may be one of them.
Login regularly to keep your profile activated on Re-marriage.com
If you didn't logged into your Re-marriage.com account and stays inactive for 60 days your account will be deactivated. Once an account has been deactivated, we will not be able to retrieve any of the information that was formerly stored in it.
Login now - Click Here.
If you follow the above Nine Tips it can change your life... or to be more specific, can get you married.
We at Re-marriage.com are committed to helping you find 'your' Life Partner. We wish you good luck in your partner search.
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