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"Your past is nothing, but a collection of memories. Your future is nothing, but imagination.. What you have in your control is today. Make it a happy and positive day and you'll have lovely memories to look back upon" We are on this planet and we want to live, not just exist. Life's too short and wondrous to waste in grief and negativity. Live fully, live graciously and learn to be happy." "two hearts and two minds are better than one" Get Married !!

It is time to stop waiting around and move on in life if you are in a troubled and an unhappy marriage. Re-marriage.com is a solution to all the deserted people who suffer from a bad marriage or stew for a lifetime in a rotten relationship, which helps a man or woman to leave the ugliness and agony behind and make a new beginning.

As we believe that a marriage is always the beginning of a new life. You can end your search for a compatible life partner at Re-marriage.com.

Over Thousand's of registered members are already available to connect with you - to get started, you just need to Register and create your free profile, Search for members who meet your criteria and Contact members you like via phone, email or chat.

Read the article - Bad Marriages Unhappy Marriages Impacts Health »

We, at Re-marriage.com, look forward to helping you find your perfect match.

All the best.
Re-marriage.com Team

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