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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Our organization has taken social responsibility to rehabilitate the life of people affected by death / desertion of / by their partner, through re-marriage.

Offering free services to those who are poor and Orphans.
Providing free re-marriage counseling for widows who have lost their husbands. The sole objective is to put them at ease and help them overcome the tragedy at the earliest... so that they are able to release their pent-up emotions...it is a sensitive job but we are happy that it has started yielding positive results.
Elaborating on the sensitivity of the remarriage issue, "It is very difficult to broach the subject with a person who has undergone such an immense loss... one has to be extremely patient and understanding and at the same time have the ability to make the widow understand the merits of remarriage... different people come up with different sets of problems and dilemmas which need to be dealt with individually and in a very delicate manner."
The basic problem being faced is people's mindset. The mindset needs to be changed and it can only be done by talking to individuals and helping them overcome their latent fears and apprehensions.
We @ re-marriage.com have taken a bold step to make the life of widows a bed of roses again. Once again help them to come under wed-lock like that of Gods wish. Hence we expect their heartily cooperation. We have fully devoted to the task & find pleasure in the effort to achieve a grain of success.
We conduct Remarriage Workshops, Seminars. Etc.
Organise social gathering like re-marriage meet.
We have participated in many social events and recently we took part in the senior citizens event conducted by Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Bombay Chamber organized fourth Senior Citizens Meet at Lokamanya Sewa Sangh on January 29 and 30, 2005. The meet focused on Needs, Resources and Opportunities for the Senior Citizens. The meet was held as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility, showing a gratitude to the senior citizens. At the Meet we received a overwhelming response from the senior citizens. We continue to support Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry in all the activities involving community development.
We have many things in pipeline like we are planning to start a counselling center at Andheri to support the people emotionally. That will further help them to sort out their feelings towards re-marriage. We have plans to collaborate with organizations working for women's betterment and Armymen's Wives Welfare Association to assist the Jawans' widows to start their life afresh through re-marriage.
We expect and experience change as we connect to others and receive unconditional love and acceptance through that connection. We are a community of care where burdens are lifted, dignity is restored, and lives are changed.
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